Swansea will take care!

Swansea University offers its international students a great atmosphere, warm people and  the best supporting structure for international students according to the current masters student Swapnil Mali.

Swapnil Mali, a twenty-six year old student from India dared to grab the offered opportunity and leave his country, in a return of education abroad, and more specifically in the Swansea University, United Kingdom.

Swapnil after his successful undergraduate graduation. Credits| Antoniya Gerimpapazi

Swapnil after his successful undergraduate ceremony. Photo Credits| Antoniya Gerimpapazi

Being and only child in his family and the first one to come and study abroad, Swapnil’s parents are proud of his courage and ambition but like all parents, they miss him a lot and keep in touch regularly through the social network sites.

Swapnil Mali has a unique story like everybody else. Having done his five years undergraduate degree in Engineering back in his country India, he decided to come out of his shell and face the challenge of studying abroad and living on his own. Swapnil doesn’t come from a rich family, he even described his family as a ”poor” one, so he has had a really hard childhood but that never made him give up his dreams. In fact, he shared that one of the reasons why he is here is because Swansea is known as a really good university and his Engineering department is known to be one of the best.

Swapnil’s dreams are big – having already designed and put together two of the first supersonic cars back in his country, he can’t wait to get his hands on some big project about designing cars here. What is more, his big desire is to work for cars used by the Formula One.

Swapnil has a sensitive and kind personality even if he tries to hide it between all the jokes he makes. Even with such a busy schedule like his one, he can still fit in sports, societies and he socialises and feels by his words more than ever like home thanks to his corridor mates in halls.

Being happy with his choice of university, he agreed to be interviewed and to tell us more about his student experience so far. Please follow the link below regarding the interview:

For Swapnil, Swansea University is a great experience and he seems to have all it takes to combine his studies with socializing, making new friends and taking advantage of all the help and support the university offers. He is ready to begin a new chapter of his life!

Swapnil and his friends having an international dinner together Photo| Antoniya Gerimpapazi

Swapnil and his friends having an international dinner together Photo Credits | Antoniya Gerimpapazi